Money Still Doesn’t Buy Happiness

Recently, Stacy Colino wrote Reasons of our Discontent for Bethesda Magazine and explored why residents of Bethesda seem to be asking themselves why they’re not happy? She asked me my thoughts on the question being that I am a psychotherapist working in Bethesda, Md. and I told her “In my work, I encounter many people who seem to have everything except peace of mind,” I told her even when people are seemingly “able to successfully complete their mental checklist of what their life should look like—yet they still feel unhappy or have a gnawing sense of emptiness or an overwhelming sense that something is missing in their lives” this can be a sign that they need to take stock.

I have spoken about emptiness many times before because it seems to be a universal symptom of the unhappiness that many people struggle with.  I am positive that this is a not phenomenon reserved only for Bethesda residents but we are not exempt either. It is not what people have externally that actually provides them with happiness. True contentment comes from relationships and a sense of internal stability and peace of mind.

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